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Grooming habits we sometimes overlook

This National Men’s Grooming Day, we thought we should go over some grooming bits that are sometimes, if not often, overlooked. You’re such a handsome one, why let anything ruin it? It’s all about the finer details, they say. 


Eyebrow maintenance

We are not recommending eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn with a Sharpie. But keeping your glabella hairless, the part between your eyebrows and above your nose, would make your eyebrows look a lot cleaner and sharper. If you have a unibrow, maybe a little more time might be warranted. Laser is a good option because the biweekly trips to the barbershop might be too time consuming and a little painful. Laser will make these trips a little infrequent.

For all the rest, just a little bit of plucking and/or threading will make a world of difference. 



Some of you might not need it, but it wouldn’t hurt if you gave these parts one more look. 

Lips. Elbows. Knees. Feet.

Chapped lips draw a lot of attention. There’s no hiding this.

And while elbows, knees and feet might not be focal points, but the dry and sandpaper like texture will draw some eyeballs. It wouldn’t take a long regimen to get them in order. Just a little bit of moisturizer on these parts before bed, and you’re set.


If you think that cleaning your body with water is all the hydration you need, you are dead wrong, my friend. While drinking water hydrates your body, splashing water on your skin will make your skin dry and flaky because it will wash the oils away from it.


Nose and ears waxing

It’s important to trim hair from your nose and ears. Find a barbershop that offers waxing for nose and ears, they hurt a lot lesser than you’d expect. And lesser hair in nose and ears mean lesser dirt accumulation. Just add this to your monthly grooming routine so you won’t miss out on it!


Nail clipping 

Short and clean is the way to go. You might not know when, but women notice the little things. Clip your nails every fortnight, and if you’re feeling fancy, get a quick mani-pedi at your barbershop. Who minds soft hands and feet! And the mini massages are a bonus. 


Bathroom Etiquettes

If you share a bathroom with someone, a carpet of beard trimmings in the sink might become a matter of friction with your roommate. It takes about 30 seconds to run water over it, or an easier solution is just trimming in the shower. 


The hope is that you read this and said “check, check, check, check and check” to yourself. If not, you’re never too old to learn!