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Letter from a single girl

Dear pool of men out there, 

It’s a little after noon and I am sitting at a Starbucks working on all kinds of crap. Involuntarily, my eyes keep turning to this weirdly cute guy sitting a couple of tables over. He’s busy working on what looks like spreadsheets. Hmm. Probably Finance. He does seem like a hot commodity. *Deep breaths.* Three. Two. One.

I don’t know what it is about him.  There is just an air of elegance about him. If we were both in a bar eight hours later, I would be flashing flirtatious looks in his direction while woozy on my second glass of sauvignon blanc.

He doesn’t look like a model, he is not incredibly tall or muscular, neither does he look like a Greek God. He’s not dressed in anything flashy, he’s wearing a simple blue formal shirt and beige pants. Nondescript, right? But I keep ogling at him, and I bet it’s not just me. Yes, I have competition.

I’m trying to break it down:

  1. His shoes, his belt and his watch-belt are all the same color. There is something so sexy about guys who get that right, just like Armie Hammer when he’s giving Alicia Vikander a makeover in the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
  2. He has a full beard, and very well-maintained. He doesn’t look like a Game of Thrones extra. 

It didn’t seem like it took him an aeon to get dressed in the morning. The best thing was that nothing seemed coerced, his entire outfit was in complete harmony with his personality. Because why be anything but a 100% of your(kickass)self? 

My beautiful opposite-gender friends out there, it is perfectly fine to be puzzled about this stuff. Professional styling experts will give you their honest opinions on what’s working and not working for you, and a few tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily schedule that will make all the difference.

Even if you don’t want random girls like me making googly eyes at you in a cafe or a bar, your S.O. or your future S.O. will appreciate the tiny efforts. And of course, grooming pays big dividends in the professional sphere of your life too, your boss will want to introduce you to all his clients. 


A single girl who’s low-key hoping she doesn’t have to find sugary ways to tell her future boyfriend how *not* to dress.